City Charter
Weekly Schedule

Each Home SubSector will have its Sabath Day of Rest on a different day of the week. Work will be 4 days a week with 3 days off.

The ideal society has been a dream of dreamers since time immemorial. The plan here is to build a city where the ideal society can be realized. It's name will be the City of Light.

City Layout

​The City of Light will be circular in shape. In the center will be the Public Sector with church, school, government center and stores surrounded by the Home Sector which is surrounded by the Agricultural & Industrial Sector consisting of farms, factories, businesses and recreational areas.

​All streets will be one way to reduce accidents. Surrounding the Public Sector, will be a circular street with six streets radiating out from the center through the surrounding Home Sector dividing the Home Sector into six SubSectors. This is set at six so that each sector will fit the work, education and recreational schedule time split. This is so that the city will be on 24 hour alert and functioning constantly.

Time Schedule

​The Time Schedule of the inhabitants will be set to 6 sets of 4 hours each to complete a 24 hour day. Each Home SubSector will start the Time Schedule 4 hours after the preceding SubSector so that the City is functioning constantly and on 24 hour alert.

Shift Starts
Daily Schedule

​In the Time Schedule, Education is provided 4 hours a day, 4 days a week. Life long education is provided to improve efficiency of work and satisfaction of progress. Educational methods will use classroom instruction, CD, Internet, and teleconference by professionals that work in each field of endeavor. Education will be work related to improve work efficiency, personal improvement instruction to improve behavior, religious instruction and hobby related instruction will give a well-rounded foundational and continuing education.

Education begins at birth. As researched extensively at The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, babies are fully capable of learning to read, do math and acquire encyclopedic knowledge before most children today even attend kindergarten. They have concluded that mothers are the best teachers of their children. In the City of Light mothers will be given complete educational materials and instruction on how to teach their babies from birth. This will give these children the potential of completing a College education by the time youth of today complete High School.


​In the Time Schedule, Work is provided 4 hours a day, 4 days a week. Life long work will be provided to give practical expression of the application of the education received to provide for the needs of the community including food, water, dress, energy, appliances, tools, vehicles, buildings, utensils, etc. that includes everything needed for the community to be self-sufficient. Additionally, select areas of specialization can provide additional work opportunity.

Recreation and Exercise

​In the Time Schedule, Recreation and Exercise are organized 4 hours a day, 4 days a week. Life long recreation and exercise of all types, jogging, swimming, bicycling, golfing, horse-back riding, boating, skiing, hiking, and games of all types, basketball, baseball, soccer, football, cross-country, weight-lifting, will be provided to aid in better health and longevity.

Personal Time

​In the Time Schedule 4 hours of Personal Time is provided 4 days a week. Additionally, another three days are provided as Personal Time after the 4 day work week. Plenty of personal time is provided to give freedom of expression and activities of choice and needed preparation. With strategic education providing greater efficiency in the work hours, and with automation and the latest technology provided, work hours can be reduced to the minimum and Personal Time to the maximum.


​Eight hours of rest is provided for the maximum replenishment and regeneration.

​​The government of the City of Light will be based on self-government with coordinated cooperation by contract. Disputes of contracts will be by mutually selected arbitration. A City Charter will provide for the layout of the city, the Time Schedule, form of government, elections, economy and laws.

​The Virtual City of Light will be organized as a non-profit corporation, the City of Light will be a for-profit corporation, and have representative forms of government. The City of Light will be laid out with 10 family lots to a block. Representation will be by family lot. Each block of family lots will elect a leader. And each 10 blocks will elect a councilman to sit on the City Council. The City Council will elect the City Manager, and Security Chief. Representatives will serve for life, or are voted out by recall petition, or until they want to resign, or retire. Councilmen, the City Manager and staff will be full time paid positions. Only veto proof citizen resolutions can amend the City Charter.

The monetary system of the City of Light will be based on an Asset Based Receipt Monetary System with no debt. All money will be owned by it's possessor, not the Bank.  The Bank of the City of Light will provide Checking, Savings and Investment accounts with Debit Cards, but no Credit Cards. The city and industries will be owned by its citizens through stock distribution. Citizens will choose their home lot, but by City Charter, all lots will be the same size, big enough for a large family, but restricted by the Charter in use, such as its use cannot be changed to be a factory, for example, or sold to non-citizens.

​​A base specialization industry could be the building of gravity powered electric generators and flying saucer craft that could double as mobile homes.

​Additionally, all kinds of factories will provide as much of the city's needs for maximum self-sufficiency, such as clothes, utensils, appliances, paper, computers, robots, tools, furniture, etc. Any products not used by the city can be exported to bring income to the city inhabitants.
​The City of Light will strive to be as self-sufficient as possible, raising its own organic food using complete mineralization of the soil and no genetically modified seeds, nor pesticides to provide the most healthy complete nutritious food possible.
Water Supply
​The water supply of the City of Light will be as decentralized as possible. Drinking water could be solar distilled that purifies the water with a delicious taste.

Click on the following link to read the Charter for the City of Light (PDF):​​


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​​           Prosperity for All