Quantitative Easing for the People

Sun, 27th September, 2015
Attorney Ellen Brown comments on the suggestion of UK candidate Jeremy Corbyn to have banks provide quantitative easing for the benefit of the people. See her article at:


Instead of the benefit of all new money created by the banks going to the banks themselves, which they then use to gamble on the international derivative market, economies would vastly improve by finding a way to direct new money to the people. This is usually done by lending money into existence. However, since the interest money is never created, an unrealistic impossible situation arises where an ever increasing quantity of debt needs to be created in order to keep an economy working smoothly without going into recession or depression.

Over the years, several suggestions have been made on how money could be introduced into the economy to keep a stable economy without inflation or depression. The current bank created debt based monetary system tends toward depression since an ever increasing generation of debt is unsustainable as the interest money is siphoned out of the economy by the banks. Suggestions to correct this deficit have been: drop money from helicopters, bury money in coal mines to be dug up by the unemployed, have government print interest free money to pay for infrastructure projects such as building bridges and highways.

The bankers always oppose such suggestions, because they want their interest money, and love to repossess real property of bankrupt businesses and home owners that can't pay because of the bank's deficit monetary system. The bankers cry out that this will cause inflation when in reality they are desperately trying to avoid depression caused by their debt-based monetary system.

The solution is Virtual City of Light's Asset Based Receipt Monetary System where the benefit of all new money created is given to the taxpayers as a receipt for taxes paid in the same amount as taxes paid. Our monetary system actually increases the income of tax payers 2.36 times every ten years. With our monetary system, all new money created goes to the taxpayer -- to the people that actually create the wealth that an economy needs to remain stable without inflation nor deflation.

Click on the Other tab above to see our proposal to Congress to implement an Asset Based Receipt Monetary System for the United States.

No More National Debt

Fri, 7th November, 2014
A book you need to read is Bill Still's book, No More National Debt.

Bill explains how our governments have abdicated their duty to provide us with a stable monetary system by letting private banks create our money. The private banks create money as debt and charge us interest on the use of it, when it is we, the people that give that money value. With government owned banks, our governments could give us debt-free money with no interest that would bring unlimited prosperity to our country.

You can learn more about debt-free money and the history of money on Bill Still's youtube videos, Money Masters and The Secret of Oz.

You can order Bill Still's book, No More National Debt at Amazon.com

Grow Your Own Food

Fri, 7th November, 2014
If we are to become free from the global slave masters we must grow our own food.

The Mittleider Gardening Method can help you become food self sufficient by growing your own food in your own back yard.

You can get the The Mittleider Gardening Method book at Amazon.com

Cities Can Create their Own Currency

Fri, 7th November, 2014
California Attorney Ellen Brown mentions in her article at:


that cities organized under a city charter have broad autonomy for creating their own monetary banking system, such as our Virtual City of Light has.

To become free of the global slave masters we must create our own economy using our own money issued by our city under authority of our city charter.

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